Matt K.

March 30, 2017

Upon making the decision to sell my business franchise, I had the pleasure of discovering and working with Anne Barr.  From the very beginning, I was impressed with Anne’s professionalism and experience, and also at the fact that her commissions were in my experience very reasonable and lower than other brokers.  What really set Anne apart was her perseverance and flexibility.  In the months that Anne and I worked together, she was flexible multiple times on several key issues.  She not only listened to my needs, but then took action upon them which served both of our best interests, and ultimately the best interest of the buyer that we found.  Anne was critical in helping in the search to find a potential buyer, and then once that potential buyer was found, Anne’s professionalism helped making the ownership transfer flow smoothly between seller, buyer, and the franchise group.  I would highly recommend Anne to anyone interested in selling or buying a business opportunity.  She was a highly critical partner in the business transition process & I could not have done it without her help.