Venture Opportunities, Inc. represents business owners who want to realize their dreams and cash in on their hard work by taking their company to market with an experienced deal maker by their side. We can maximize value and minimize stress through skillful valuation, marketing and negotiation. If you’re interested in selling a business in Dallas / Fort Worth, our brokers are excited to guide you through this process.

We specialize in the confidential sale of companies ranging in value from $100,000 to $15,000,000. Venture Opportunities, Inc. has assisted over 1,375 owners in the sale of their businesses.

Selling a Business in Dallas / Fort Worth

Our brokers bring together the experience and understanding to provide the following quality services to their clients:

  • Advisory – V.O.I. will assist you in developing the overall strategy for selling your business
  • Valuation & Pricing Strategies– V.O.I. will assist you in determining a fair market price for your business considering the current market conditions
  • Professional Packaging – We will prepare a professional profile on your company to emphasize the benefits to the buyer of owning your business
  • Marketing – V.O.I. will conduct the search for buyers through discreet networking, referrals, target marketing, internet (utilizing websites that specialize in business for sale listings), using its extensive database of over 10,000 buyer inquiries and advertising.  V.O.I. receives an increasing number of buyer inquiries in the Dallas/Fort Worth area each month. 
  • Negotiations – V.O.I. will assist you in negotiating the price, terms and conditions for the sale of your business.
  • Closing – V.O.I. will coordinate the many intricate closing details between the buyer and seller, attorneys, accountants, landlords, bankers and suppliers so the business sale is successfully completed on a timely basis.

If you need assistance in selling your Dallas / Fort Worth business, our brokers are waiting for your call. Let the best business brokerage firm in North Texas help you get the most out of the sale of your business.