Anne Barr, franchise consultant for Venture Opportunities, will help you find the right fit for business ownership. She will guide you through the research and selection process of buying a franchise in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. When you feel confident in your ability to go through with your decision, she will help you with that too. This is a basic overview of the process:

  1. Meet with your franchise consultant to determine your skill set, business goals, and personal preferences
  2. Your franchise consultant will give you franchises to consider
  3. Initial phone interview with Franchisor
  4. Receive and read FDD
  5. Validation calls to 6-10 Franchisees
  6. Discovery Day
  7. Review agreement with franchise attorney
  8. Decision: Will you buy the franchise? Yes or No.

But the process of buying a franchise in Fort Worth or Dallas is not one to take lightly. You need to be sure, and there are a number of things to consider:

  • What is the right franchise for you? You should choose a franchise you have interest in, or choose an industry in which you have past experience. Also, it is very important to choose a franchise that is financially right for you. Your franchise consultant can help you with this.
  • What franchise can you afford? You need to be thorough in determining the exact true cost of your investment. Know that if you see a franchisor asking for a $40,000 initial investment, it does not mean that is all you will be investing.  It may cover your down payment and a portion of your franchise fee, but be aware of the other start-up costs associating with purchasing a franchise.
  • Do you have a solid business plan?  Yes, you need a well-written business plan to obtain financing, but the business plan is for your benefit, too. Set your own goals for owning a business and use the business plan to stay on track. Even if it doesn’t go exactly as you thought, you will have put in more than toward where you want to go.

Here at Venture Opportunities Inc., we can happily help you with the process of buying a franchise in Dallas/Fort Worth. To find out more about our services, talk with one of our team members today.