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Franchises provide an excellent way for downsized or re-engineered employees to replace their employment.

Many entrepreneurs know they could successfully run a business if they had the capital and other means to get one up and running. Some people aren’t creative when thinking up a business that people will want to go to, but know they could run an existing business. Franchises are perfect for these types of people.

Many of the difficult aspects of starting a business – finding a location, getting a lease, hiring a contractor – are already done for you when you purchase a franchise. They are basically “turnkey” businesses, already up-and-running and (hopefully) with a firm customer base backing them. Simply follow the system put in place by the franchiser, and you should be successful. To discuss franchise opportunities in Fort Worth / Dallas with a sales broker, contact Venture Opportunities today.

Another benefit of buying a franchise versus a standalone business is that much of the advertising and marketing has already been done for you. That’s one major thing you won’t have to worry about. In addition, many franchise companies offer training programs ranging from one week to a month, during which the franchiser will train you on the aspects of running the business according to the system he already has in place. This makes it easier for new business owners to avoid common mistakes made in the early stages of the process. 

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Franchise Facts:

  • In the U.S. today, there’s over 5,000 franchises in 80 different industries.
  • Statistically, franchise businesses enjoy a 75% success rate over the first five years compared to non-franchised business start-ups.
  • Trends in the last few years show a shift from food/retail to personal service and B2B type businesses.
  • There’s no correlation between the cost of a franchise and how much it will earn.
  • Franchised businesses produce more than 2.3 TRILLION dollars per year in sales.
  • Franchised businesses generate 1 of every 7 U.S. private sector jobs.
  • Only 10-12% of businesses are franchised businesses….yet they produce over HALF the retail and service dollars in the U.S. annually.

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