Small Business Saturday

We have all heard of the infamous Black Friday – folks wrap up Thanksgiving festivities to camp out and wait until midnight, when stores and websites are stormed by thousands of people looking to get a head start on their holiday shopping. But since 2010, Small Business Saturday has been encouraging consumers across the country to shop small and support local business. For small business owners, this shift in focus can mean big pluses.

Small Business Saturday is helping businesses all over the country generate visibility. To help kick off your participation in this event, start a countdown calendar in your store or offer special incentives – this will create awareness and encourage customers to return to support your business. American Express has been a key partner in establishing Small Business Saturday. For increased exposure, small businesses that accept American Express cards can promote themselves on the AMEX Small Business Saturday Map, which displays the local businesses in an area that are participating in the event.

Small Business Assistance

Small business is a whirlwind of unique challenges and benefits. If you are ready to dive into this market or perhaps you are ready to sell, work with the top business brokers in the Metroplex to ensure a successful transition. Reach out to our expert advisors today at 972-783-1662!


Marketing Tips For Small Businesses: Part 2

Running a business can take its toll; it takes a lot to get it going and maintain momentum. If you’ve started feeling overwhelmed with the prospect, we’ve presented part 2 of our marketing tips for small businesses blog set. See if you can find some inspiration in the following:


Another under-utilized service, LinkedIn offers a forum for discussion, sharing blog posts and promoting content. You can also use it to hire employees.

Business Cards:

You don’t need to wait for your business to take off to print out some attractive business cards. Hand them out to everyone you meet, you might find your networking works a lot better.

Guerrilla Marketing:

You don’t have to stick to just digital and paid advertising. You can also go on a guerrilla marketing binge. Draw up some great flyers and post them up in populous locations.


Marketing can create a lot of frustration, but you have a lot of options. If you’d like to take advantage of our business broker services, give one of our friendly representatives a call at (972) 783-1662.


Marketing Tips For Small Businesses: Part 1

Owning a small business can prove taxing; all the responsibilities rest on you. Because of that, you need to delegate your time wisely. When it comes to marketing for a small company, you have to work smart to make the best of your time. Here, we’ll go over some simple marketing tips perfect for small business owners.

Make Instructional Videos:

If you want to establish your authority, make an instructional video. Nowadays, professional looking videos can get made using only your iPhone.


Have you heard about It connects people to content similar to what they’ve already liked. If you want to pay for ads, it costs much less than with Facebook. 


Another way to establish authority involves creating an info-graphic. If you have useful information at your disposal, an hour with an info-graphic template can make a huge difference.


Try implementing these tips and see how they work out. We’ll keep posting more as time goes on. If you’d like to take advantage of our business services, talk to one of our friendly representatives. You can reach us at (972) 783-1662.