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Process of Buying a Business


Venture Opportunities is a group of experienced business brokers that will help you determine if business ownership is right for you, show you businesses that will be of interest to you, and guide you through the process of buying a business in Dallas/Fort Worth. Business consulting is just one of our areas of expertise.

The general process of buying a business in Dallas/Fort Worth

  • Meet with a business broker. They will determine your skill set, business goals and personal preference and help you decide what types of businesses will interest you.
  • Sign a confidentiality agreementand complete the buyer profile sheet. Public knowledge of a potential sale can affect the attitudes and actions of customers, employees, competitors, lenders, suppliers, or investors, and thus the value of the company. Confidentiality is important!
  • Receiveconfidential information about the business.
  • Meetwith the current business owner.
  • Write an offer to purchasethe business with the guidance your attorney.
  • Negotiatethe purchase price and terms with the current business owner.
  • Meet with your attorney, accountant, etc. as needed.
  • Finalizethe purchase contract.
  • Obtain financingwith the guidance of the business broker.
  • Negotiate lease assignmentor property purchase.
  • Performdue diligence. This is the responsibility of you, the buyer.
  • Closing. Congratulations, you own a business!
  • Congratulations, you own a business!

Buying a business is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. Venture Opportunities is equipped with the training and expertise to guide you through this process while also making sure you understand the importance of every step along the way. We will coordinate meetings with the seller while you will make all the decisions and consult with your accountant, lawyer or financial adviser. We have handled many transactions and understand the complexities of selling and buying a business in Dallas / Fort Worth. For more information, set up an appointment with one of our skilled business brokers.

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